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"Today, the choice of private of the Enterprise Development Activities as a vehicle of sustainable growth has become a priority in government economic development agenda. Indeed, the government of Ghana is committed to transforming the economy into a middle income status by the year 2020 and one key strategy to achieve this objective is the promotion and development of agro-processing activities. Apart from addressing post-harvest losses and enhancing national food security endeavors, agro-processing holds the key to diversifying and reducing the vulnerability of the economy to external shocks as a result of over dependence on a few ranges of primary commodities whose price fluctuate in the world market .meanwhile ,private sector leadership in marketing and technology dissemination in agro-processing is being pursued vigorously by government as a strategy to enhance the performance of the industry as a source of permanent job creation, increased income earning through value addition, improved standard of living due to increased income and a sustainable bases for the transformation of the economy established owing to its potential to stimulate backward and forward linkage. Tropical starch company limited located in the Abura Asebu- Kwamankese district in the central region of Ghana is one of these emerging vibrant medium scale agro-processing project specialized in the manufacture of the first grade cassava flour and potato gari for the Ghanaian market. Through hard work and efficient management of its resources, the company has been able to finance the construction of a factory building, and has been able to install medium scale agro-processing machine with the capacity to process 2 tons of high quality cassava flour and 200 kg of Apomudzen Gari in a day. BACKGROUD OF THE COMNPANY Tropical Starch Company limited is a registered Private Limited Liability Cassava Processing Company under Ghana Registered General’s Department. The company was established in response to the need of processing and adding value to the abundant cassava crop which is cultivated in the Abura Asebu Kwamankese District with the aspiration of addressing post-harvest losses which is indeed the major challenge confronting cassava producers, diversifying the rural economic base and improving the standard living of the farmers who form majority of the population in the District. Under the Rural Enterprise Development Programmed which sought to accelerate economic development of the Districts, the cultivation and processing of cassava was selected as one the flagship projects of the Abura Asebu Kwamankese District in 2005 and Tropical Starch Company was selected as Strategic Investor for the initiative. However, after initial comprehensive preparatory activities which involved the signing of Memorandum of Understanding between the Abura-Asebu-Kwamankese District Assembly and the Tropical Starch Company Limited to develop a joint partnership company, the selection and training of farmer based association who will cultivate and supply raw cassava to the project as raw materials, land and acquisition and technical designs of the project, and conduction of feasibility study and subsequent Business Plan Preparation, the project never took off leaving Tropical Starch Company Limited to pursue its business development goal of transforming itself into a vibrant medium scale cassava processing industry specialized in the manufacture of industrial starch for the domestics and the region markets in West Africa. VISION, MISSION AND OBJECTIVE Vision The long term aspiration of Tropical Starch Company is to become a vibrant medium scale business project specialization in the manufacture of high quality cassava flour as well as other cassava and potato product in the central region of Ghana. Mission The Mission of the tropical starch company is:  To promote and accelerate Economic Growth and Development of the Abura-Asebu-Kwamankese District.  To facilitate the cultivation and processing of raw cassava and orange fresh sweet potato for the production of industrial starch, cassava flour, cassava chips, fufu flour Gari and animal feed.  To enter into joint-partnership with an international company to produce High Quality Cassava Flour and Potato gari on large scale basis in the long term. Specific Objectives:  To create at least 200 permanent jobs in the District in the immediate term.  To provide indirect jobs to about 9000 farmers who will supply raw cassava, plantain and orange fresh sweet potato to Tropical Starch Company Limited.  To encourage the formation of Farmer Group Association and cooperatives to enable them enjoy facilities like access to micro credit and other logistics in order to maximize output and revenue.  To create reliable market for the cassava and orange flesh sweet potato farmers in the district and beyond. Project scope and location: Tropical starch Company Limited has mobilized in the last four years over five hundred (500) individual farmers within the district. These farmers now cultivate cassava and potato crop to feed the factory. Site: The project is sited at Abura Dunkwa, the district capital. Reasons for the choice of Abura Dunkwa including the following:  Good road network.  Abura Dunkwa is the center of cassava production in the District.  The cost of fresh cassava is fairly cheap all year round.  Electricity and Water supply is reliable and available.  There are good facilities like communications, hotels and reliable banks.  Good schools for staff children and good market centers "

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Augustine Fiifi Amoah

General Manager

"Augustine Fiifi Amoah was born on 1st July, 1988 at Abura Dunkwa in the Central region of Ghana. After his secondary school Education, he proceeded to the institute of Professional Studies (IPS) in Accra with Diploma in Business Studies (DBS) in Basic Accounting. He also has certificates in Accounting System & Book keeping Training (2015 -2016), Cassava Utilization and Marketing: (MOFA 2015), Regional Sensitization Workshop and Call for Projects. (GIPC 2015), Food Safety and Quality Management (AYAP 2016), Incubator Management Training (AAIN November, 2017), Financial Management Training (Root Capital 2018), AutoCAD Architectural Building Plan and land Surveying (IKADO Construction firm), Cassava Flour processing (Ministry of Trade), Entrepreneur Digitalization (Ghana Enterprises Agency 2021), ISO 9001, ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management Systems Lead (Auditor Course VILT – CQI IRCA 2022). Augustine Fiifi Amoah is very adventurous, travelled from Accra to Cape Coast to look for greener pastures. In Cape Coast he was employed as an accountant by Ikadi Construction Company which specialized in land surveying and building construction and was later employed by Tropical Starch Company in Abura Dunkwa which specialized in the production and marketing of Farm product as an Assistant Accountant. He was later promoted to the position of Administrative Manager in the line of duty COVID 19 pandemic structed the company leading to low sales of the Gari it was producing. He later sat and thought about how to save the company from this crisis in this pandemic and finally came up with During Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship (ICE) program with GEA he came up with a new product a new product known as Gari Fortified with Orange Fleshed Sweet Potatoes. which he believes will be a good commodity for sale in this pandemic considering the fact that people where very concerned with eating healthy, to boost their immune system. After attending series of trainings on how to get the product to the consumers, the CEO finally agreed to adopt his product and invest into to it. After some months when the CEO realized that the product was doing well in the market, he decided to make him a share holder in the Business. He is a leading supplier to most secondary schools in the Cape Coast, like Aggrey Memorial, Ghana National College and Ainsdale College. Having conducted some research, he found out that market potential and income levels of industrial starch manufacturing was quite considerable and this motivated him to transform his Gari processing into an industrial starch and high-quality cassava flour manufacturing company. As a resourceful entrepreneur, Augustine Fiifi Amoah to a large extended has relied on his abilities and resources to organize and build his industry. As of at now, he is IRCA Certified ISO 22000 Lead Auditor. In addition, he is the General Manager to Tropical Starch Company. "