JNELP is a skin care brand producing quality eco-friendly shower gels using African black soap and carrot extracts as our base. Our aim is to project Africa to the rest of the world as we encourage people to embrace the beauty of their natural skin and create jobs for youth. Our brand emerged as a finalist for the GIZ green SME Networking festival and as second place for the GIZ access to finance competition in Cape Coast. We were also named as one of the emerging businesses in Cape Coast by the Cape Coast Mayor at the just ended Cape Coast Expo. We are registered members of the Ghana Chamber of Commerce and the Ghana Enterprises Agency. We currently have sales agents in 8 regions of Ghana. And 6 supermarkets in CapeCoast. Working towards expanding our reach to A grade malls and supermarkets in Accra and other parts of the country and beyond. Our current products are the JNELP Goat milk shower gel, Jnelp black soap shower gel and JNELP Carrot shower gel. We are a registered business located in Cape Coast , Cape Coast Industrial area . We want more distributors, sales agents and supermarkets in Accra and Ghana to buy from us and help us promote the Africa and beyond agenda.

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