AfriDiamond Enterprise

At AfriDiamond, we collaborate with small holder farmers in rice production who grow Ghana rice whiles we serve as offtakers. We ensure quality by eliminating any contaminants and foreign materials before packaging for the market.

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Business Services

  • Farming
  • We create a win- win situation by collaborating with rice farmers in some rural communities in Ghana, supporting them with funding as well as inputs to enable them focus on the cultivation, whiles we serve as offtakers for them. Our aim is to outgrow our current capacity to cultivate 300 acres by 2023. This will provide direct employment to some 200 farmers and indirect jobs for another 300 people especially women in rural Ghana.

  • Production
  • From farm to the market, our entire line of production takes place under strict hygienic conditions. We go the extra mile to eliminate every trace of foreign materials from our rice during packaging, using up to date quality assurance practices. Our storage spaces are well protected from pests and harmful organisms to ensure our customers enjoy not just fresh nutrtious rice, but also healthy and hygienic rice.

  • Training
  • Our farmers are trained by qualified Agronomists and Technical Officers to apply best practices in the execution of their work. This is to ensure higher yields, right use of agrochemicals, good post harvest handling, pest control etc. We care about the environment and our consumers, hence, our drive to adopt organic methods of farming in our onward operations.

  • Marketing
  • Domino Rice is sold locally on the Ghanaian market with an ambitious plan of taking advantage of AfCFTA opportunities. Supermarkets, open market, institutions, individuals etc stock Domino Rice.



Business Lead

Mondi Tetteh, previously called Rosemond Appiah, is a Ghanaian entrepreneur with a focused drive to help alleviate poverty in Ghana by creating jobs and opportunities for the youth and women. She is a product of the University of Ghana, Legon where she studied Geography and Resource Development. Her work experience spans from Aviation to banking and HR management. She is also the CEO of RoseGlitz Ltd, a unique Ghanaian fashion brand.